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Title:    Can an intercrop of forage soybeans and floury silage corn produce a higher value forage crop than a monoculture of each crop?
That forage soybeans are a viable crop for Saskatchewan livestock producers.
That the new higher starch floury silage corn is a viable crop for Saskatchewan livestock producers.
That an intercrop of forage soybeans and higher starch silage corn will produce more biomass than either monocrop and be more nutritious.

Abstracts for project:  
A floury silage-type corn was grown as a monoculture and in an intercrop with soybean and a soybean monocrop in a replicated trial. The purpose was to evaluate the potential of both the relatively new type of corn, a late season soybean and an intercrop of the two for yield and quality. The monocrops and intercrops with corn were evaluated at two nitrogen levels (0.5x and 1x) to determine the effect of fertilization on the balance of an intercrop. Total dry matter yield was 63% in the intercrops compared with the corn monocrops. Yield was not affected by fertilizer rate. Digestibility of corn monocrops and corn soy intercrops was comparable and protein was slightly higher in the intercrop compared to the monocrop. The soybean monocrop had high protein but lower digestibility than treatments containing corn. This intercrop resulted in a reduction in yield even at a reduced nitrogen fertilizer level.