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ID Number:    20190430
Program:    ADOPT
Pages:   11
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Title:    Oat Pea Intercrop demonstration
Demonstrate how to grow oat and pea together as a grain crop.
Demonstrate how to separate grain components using slotted screens.
Demonstrate the effect of varying oat seeding rate in intercrop with pea on yield and agronomic parameters.

Abstracts for project:  
Three locations of an oat pea intercrop demonstration trial were established at SERF (Redvers, SK), NARF (Melfort, SK) and IHARF (Indian Head, SK). Peas at 80 plants per meter squared were grown with oats at 25, 50 75, 100, 125 target oat plants per meter squared. These were compared with sole crops or monocrops of oat and pea. Some treatments resulted in higher yield efficiency relative to monocrop peas. Lodging in peas was reduced at one location with intercropping. The relatively dry conditions resulted in some detrimental competition in the low density oat intercrop treatments. Generally, the higher densities of oats resulted in more productivity and a functional balance of two crops. This project serves as a preliminary trial for a research trial on pea oats to start in 2021, which will investigate the effect on crop disease further.