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Title:    Weed control in dryland narrow-row dry bean production
A combination of chemical and cultural practices can be used to control weeds in dry bean. This demonstration will show how to successfully establish dry beans on dryland conditions in southeast Saskatchewan with available herbicide options.

Abstracts for project:  
Three seed rates and three herbicide treatments were evaluated with CDC Blackstrap black bean at Redvers in 2018. Two replicates were located on wheat stubble and two were located on canola stubble to ensure adequate weed pressure. Treflan alone resulted in considerable weed growth but Viper was effective in controlling volunteer canola and volunteer wheat. Seed rate did not significantly affect yield but there was a trend suggesting the lowest seed rate was not optimal. Herbicide use was the dominant effect in this trial. The canola stubble had more yield loss due to lack of weed control than the wheat stubble did. Yield tended to be higher on the wheat stubble, which suggests that a trial on previous cropping history or stubble height could be warranted in dry bean.