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ID Number:    20170418
Program:    ADOPT
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Title:    Managing Fertilizer use to Optimize Yield and Quality of Oat
Nitrogen fertilizer use in oat is limited by its effect on lodging of the crop and reducing quality of the oats. This project will demonstrate the effect of four rates of N fertility on yield, quality, and lodging of milling oat. This project will also demonstrate any added benefits with potassium fertilization.

Abstracts for project:  
Four rates of N fertilizer (40, 60, 80, 120 kg/ha) on oat were evaluated at Redvers and near Prince Albert in 2018. Each N fertilizer rate was also compared with and without K fertilizer at 17 kg/ha for a total of 8 treatments. At Redvers, there was a significant N fertilizer response but no K response for yield. At the Prince Albert location, there were no significant treatment effect on yield, despite high yields. There were no significant effects on test weight or seed weight (TKW) at either location. No lodging occurred at either site due to hot, dry conditions during much of the summer.