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ID Number:    20160333
Program:    ADOPT
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Title:    Underseeding clovers into fall rye in the spring
This project will evaluate the technique of seeding different species of annual clover into a winter cereal in early May using GPS guided inter-row seeding on 15-inch row spacing. The purpose of this clover technique is mainly as a cover crop, although it could potentially have use for hay or grazing.

Abstracts for project:  
Four species of clover were interseeded into established fall rye and winter wheat and compared with a non-interseeded control. The clover interseeding had no significant negative or positive effect on yield of the winter wheat and fall rye on a relatively dry growing season. The clover failed to adequately establish due to dry surface soil conditions following seeding and low growing-season rainfall Some treatments had 90% seed or seedling mortality. Subterranean clover had higher plant establishment than crimson, Berseem or Persian clovers and seemed to be relatively tolerant of the difficult conditions. A video of field-scale interseeding of clover garnered considerable attention and discussion on Twitter.