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ID Number:    20150470
Program:    ADOPT
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Title:    Intercropping Brassica carinata with various pulse crops
he objective of this project is to evaluate the effect intercropping on the productivity of Brassica carinata.

Abstracts for project:  
Yellow mustard (Sinapis alba) and Brassica carinata were evaluated in intercrops with several different pulse crops and as monocrops in a trial in Redvers, SK. One trial compared yellow mustard monocrop with intercrops of yellow pea, maple pea, and three types lentil. The other trial compared B. carinata monocrop with two types of dry bean, maple pea, fababean, and large green lentil. The most valuable and high yielding intercrops were B. carinata with fababean and maple pea, but all intercrops resulted in increased revenue compared with the monocrops. Intercrops with lentils were less impressive in terms of yield, but the total intercrop yield and value with lentil was higher than the monocrops. These results suggest that there are a large number of potential intercrops that should be evaluated further for productivity and agronomic benefits.