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ID Number:    20150467
Program:    ADOPT
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Title:    Field Peas - Improving yields with various pre-seed burn-off treatments
The main objective of this proposal is to evaluate the benefit of various pre-seed herbicides to improve yield in field peas. Pea root rot complex (caused by Aphanomyes euteiches and Fusarium species) has caused considerable damage to field peas in infected areas. There are indications that herbicides can positively or negatively affect the severity of root rot..

Abstracts for project:  
Several pre-seeding herbicide options are available for use on peas. Some of these may have residual toxic effects on pea or may negatively affect root health. This demonstration showed these available options to producers and allowed an assessment of any negative effects on plot growth caused by these soil-residual herbicides. The goal is to better equip pea producers to control weeds while not negatively impacting the health of their pea crop.

This demonstration showed that approved residual herbicides are generally safe on the crop and did not result in consistent yield losses due to poor root growth. Growth was similar between all the treatments and there were no large differences in weed pressure.