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ID Number:    20150457
Program:    ADOPT
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Title:    Flax Fungicide Demonstration
The objective of this project will be to demonstrate the yield benefit of applying foliar fungicide on flax to control Pasmo on an irrigated field.

Abstracts for project:  
This demonstration demonstrated the benefits of applying foliar fungicide on irrigated flax in Saskatchewan. It compared to different products, Headline and Priaxor to a untreated control. Pasmo is a very common disease that affects flax in our province and under irrigated conditions this disease can cause large yield loss This project was conducted during a very wet year with over 16 inches of rainfall during the growing season. This caused lodging in the field, especially on the control and a very late harvest date. The fungicide helped prevent disease incidence and lodging significantly which is what caused the high response in yield. The fungicide did delay harvest for this crop which contributed to the later harvest date. This project demonstrated that applying fungicide on flax under irrigation in Saskatchewan has the potential to give a very high yield response.

This project was discussed at the 2016 SIPA/ICDC conference where all Saskatchewan irrigators are invited to attend. The results can also be viewed in the 2016 ICDC Research and Demonstration final report which will be available online.