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ID Number:    20150452
Program:    ADOPT
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Title:    Evaluation of annual forage options for early and late spring planting
The project will demonstrate the potential for several mixes of annual forage compared with more traditional annual forage monocrops for grazing, greenfeed, swath grazing, and silage utilization. The project will summarize the seed costs and productivity of several forage options to better assist producers in their decisions..

Abstracts for project:  
Twelve annual forage treatments were seeded in 2016 and 2017 in two small trials. Trial 1 consisted of six treatments were seeded in early spring that included barley, barley-pea, oat, oat-pea, and two barley cover crop blends. There are no strong yield or quality trends that would match with expectations for higher protein from the pea-oat intercrops. There were no statistically significant differences in biomass between treatments. Trial 2 consisted of six millet treatments that included Red proso, crown, Japanese, Teff and two Red Proso blends. The blends and the Japanese Millet looked like they would work well as stockpiled forage for grazing in late fall. The Crown and Proso Millet were productive and would have made good greenfeed in late August or early September. Preference between these forages would depend on the desired end use: greenfeed vs. stockpiled grazing.