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ID Number:    20140445
Program:    ADOPT
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Title:    Demonstration of forage peas in mixture with cereals for greenfeed production
The project will assess the yield and forage value of pea/cereal mixtures in comparison to monocultures of oats, barley and peas across the soil zones in Saskatchewan.

Abstracts for project:  
Higher seed cost makes pea mixtures a pricier option than straight cereal mixtures when evaluated simply on a cost-per-tonne of feed basis. Compensating somewhat for the higher cost is the increased protein content of feeds in the mixtures as compared to monocultures. The highest protein yield was harvested from the plots containing the pea/cereal mixtures. In particular, the two highest protein yielding plots were the Haymaker (30% seeding rate) and CDC Horizon pea (100% seeding rate), and Maverick barley (30% seeding rate) and CDC Horizon pea (100% seeding rate) mixtures.