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ID Number:    20130457
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Title:    Chickpea Flax Intercropping: Can flax stress chickpea to hasten seed set and maturity and/or act as a barrier to disease spread
The objective of this study is to demonstrate if an intercrop can be used to increase the area suitable to produce chickpeas. This demonstration will compare desi and kabuli chickpea and flax as a monocrop to chickpea and flax as an intercrop.

Abstracts for project:  
Chickpeas and flax were evaluated in an intercrop and compared with relevant monocrops of each in a replicated trial. Chickpea flax intercrops were seeded beside monocrops in a replicated demonstration. The intercrops with chickpea performed better than the monocrops of flax and chickpea, even when the monocrop flax was fertilized. There was also less disease in the intercrops than in the monocrop. Economic analysis suggests there are considerable economic advantages to this intercrop.