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Title:    Timing of Bio-Fungicide Application for Sclerotinia Control
-Contans WG is a relatively new product available and registered in Canada for control of sclerotinia. The organism Coniothyrum minitans works by destroying sclerotia bodies in the soil. It is applied to soil and infected residues and works best when applied about three months before formation of apothecia.
This project will demonstrate various options for timing of application of this product and compare the resulting infection levels in subsequent susceptible crops.

Abstracts for project:  
A trial was initiated in 2014 to compare fall Contans treatments with fungicide application and an untreated control for canola, soybean and sunflower. The three crops were seeded in separate small trials in 2015. Canola and soybean were seeded onto canola stubble. Proline was applied at the appropriate stage to the canola and soybean trials. The fungicide was not applied to sunflower due to height logistical problems. There was very low incidence of sclerotinia in this trial and in other fungicide trials in 2015 at Redvers. No treatment effects were apparent. Longer-term trials are needed to evaluate this product.