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ID Number:    20120315
Program:    ADOPT
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Title:    Timing of burnoff application for perennial and biennial grassy weed control
-demonstration will compare three thimings of application of glyphosate as a burn-off to control foxtail barley

Abstracts for project:  
Fall and spring burn-off timing was evaluated at one replicated site. The fall treatment was most effective at killing off established plants and no regrowth was evident. In some areas, the May 30 application of glyphosate only provided top growth control. The number of foxtail heads was similar on July 30 between the two burn-off timings, but the foxtail from the fall burn-off treatment seemed to be mainly new, poorly established plants. The foxtail barley tolerated multiple days of flooding and produced many heads even under these adverse conditions. This is one of the reasons that during this wet cycle in Saskatchewan, foxtail barley is becoming an increasing problem.